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Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton or shortened to LV, is a French fashion house and luxury retail company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The label's LV monogram appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses and books. Louis Vuitton

A luxury customer from Marietta, GA details their experience, "I left my Keepall-55 with the LV[Louis Vuitton] store in Atlanta for zipper repair due to defects. The bag in pristine condition was left with the store and I was advised about 4-6 weeks for repairs. I gave explicit instructions to have the repair department call me in advance of any repairs to discuss exactly what they plan to do to my bag, as I was going to cancel the repairs if seemed too extreme. NO RESPONSE...This is so unacceptable on many levels. They flood the store with sales reps, but to get something repaired due to defects is a nightmare! Will never purchase anything from LV again, poor quality merchandise and poorest customer service."

Another customer who expects better from the brand says, "I ordered over 2,000 dollars worth of [Louis Vuitton] products on December 10, 2019 and have yet to receive even a shipping confirmation. It is now February 1, 2020 and my order has still not shipped. Customer service has done nothing to solve this issue. I have never had to wait 2 months for an order to ship."

The overall conclusion of the article written by Solene Rauturier in 2018 titled: How ethical is Louis Vuitton? is, "Louis Vuitton has been rated ‘Not Good Enough’ based on information from the research done by our team at Good On You. Consumers deserve to know who made their clothes, and what impact their clothing choices have on the planet and animals. Louis Vuitton needs to become much more transparent in order to meet the expectations of a new generation of fashion fans."


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Magasinière polyvalente (Former Employee) says

"Traité sans aucun respect, la pression morale est bien présenteAucunTellement"

Future Client Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Don’t expect a job at LV Westchester if you’re African American. The store manager only hires a “certain type”. Even if you have all the luxury experience, she will not even interview you. They honestly need to hire a new store manager!!NoneDiscrimination towards minorities"

Client Advisor (Current Employee) says

"No work/life balance. The schedule changes every week unless you're no longer seasonal and you make a request which is not garranteed. There's a lot of management turnerover and your tasks and responsibilities increase all the time without a change in your compensation."

Sécurité (Former Employee) says

"Aucun respect pour lettre humain Matériel nul limite ne fonctionne pas Poste de travail qui consiste à faire le pots de fleur aucun intérêt.."

cosedora (Former Employee) says

"Hablo como valoración personal,he estado trabajando en muy variados sitios durante toda mi vida, y este fue sin lugar a dudas el peor trabajo de mi vida, compañerismo regular, como en todos los trabajos hay de todo, buenas compañeras, pelotas que son capaces de pisar a cualquiera, que es lo que más vi allí,y sobre todo vi mucho miedo, nadie hablaba ni se quejaba por que da igual los años que lleves , te llaman al despacho, toma tu finiquito y adiós, lo vi tan penoso,no me daba ni rabia solo pena,hay muchos grupos y cada grupo una encargada , si pillas una encargada buena, lo llevaras bien, si pillas una de lo peor como yo, estas perdida,ya me dijeron,esta siempre tiene enfilada a una y te ha tocado ,la verdad es que por 900 euros no vale la pena, cada día lloraba una distinta de la presión que había,venia la encargada y decía al grupo , cada hora, me han dicho los de arriba que empiece a dar nombres, y ya estaba todo el mundo acojonado,ojala que esa encargada ya no este allí,no se si habrá mas encargadas como ella, solo estuve en ese grupo,pero si vi alguna de otro grupo llorar, no se el motivo, yo por mi oficio nunca me falta trabajo, pero hay gente que no tenía otra cosa y tenía que aguantar, me da mucha pena.El comedor estaba bienDemasiados"

Client Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The turnover is high so they are constantly hiring people to fill those seats. Training is decent but you will quickly find out how it really is once you get to a desk.You will get tired of hearing clients complain about not being able to obtain particular items. You will get tired of the clique-ish behavior. You will get tired of receiving different answers to the same question. Take the job if you need to now but be planning your exit. The job itself is just dumb."

Client Advisor (Current Employee) says

"If you want the job to take up all of your time and drain you. If you want the job to stress and depress you . They don’t care about their employees at allNothingEverything"

Client Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Louis Vuitton as a top million dollar seller for over 3 years. You will be pressured to sell 400k a quarter. You’ll receive about 0.15 ( Fifteen Cents for every $1000 bag you sell. Let’s do the math ( 300 dollar commission check) Do you enjoy set schedules? BAHAHAHAAHABAHAhAHbAh Any who apply at your own discretionN/aManager are not empathetic"

Operaria de producción (Former Employee) says

"Te exigen muchísimo para lo que pagan ,los turnos son fijos ,de 14:30 a 11 noche sin posibilidad de cambiarlo. Mis superiores no respetaron mi discapacidad me apretaba al máximo sin contar mis limitaciones .Lo que prima es el peloteo y el cotilleo con la encargada.Feliz que se acabase mi contrato,fue decepcionante trabajar allí."

Client advisor (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management! Horrible atmosphere! Horrible people! No internal advancement.Been in the business for over 20 years and had never seen things so backwards in all my life."

Artisan (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management! Horrible atmosphere! Horrible people! No internal advancement.Been in the business for over 20 years and had never seen things so backwards in all my life.NonEverything...stay away"

Artisan (Former Employee) says

"In my time at Louis Vuitton, what was quite visible is that the highest incompetence starts with upper management down to low management. Many that look downright miserable working there. Looking at you as well HR. And the worst offenders are those who have been with the company many years. Not only are they downright unfit to lead and inspire, but lack the back bone to do what is fair. This is why the workplace culture is toxic and people here do as they please. New people don't stand a chance and if they do stick around it isn't for long. I'm surprise the company hasn't gone down under, I suppose they got their team of lawyers and PR to thank. Being there it's easy to see that Louis Vuitton prides themselves in the quality of products, but I've seen inferior products pass and go directly to the store. I've seen firsthand how people there don't care and deliver sloppy work. And guess what that work somehow makes it to the store. Overall, it's a horrible place to work at. Avoid this modern sweatshop at all costs."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"J’ai pas aimer la responsable qui aimait seulement les filles de façon abusive.Les vendeurs et vendeusesLa responsable (Anne Sophie)"

Irving, Texas - Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"This is a slave job and the managers will not respect you. You could park at a bad angle in the parking lot and get fired. I would never defeat this job to anyone it is borderline inhumane.Maybe subway and that’s if there’s any left overManagers, no knowledge, no benefits, cut throat, open till midnight"

Logística y almacén (Former Employee) says

"Entre muy ilusionada y salimuy decepcionada. Es una empresa secta donde te forman mentalmente, es una presión increíble la que llegas a sufrir por un sueldo que no vale la pena. El trato que me dieron persónalmente fue muy hipócrita y falso. Lo único bueno que me llevo fue las buenas compañeras que tuve.EstabilidadSueldo mínimo, presión maxima"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The director runs this business very poorly. There is no care for employees. I wouldn’t recommend working here for anyone unless you want to revisit your high school days. The director as well as the managers are very cliquey. They will gang up on you, micro manage you, and talk about you when they think you’re not around. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT, TREAT THEIR EMPLOYEES HORRIBLE."

Luxury Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Not a great experience. It started out great and all of our promises were being fulfilled until our San Fransisco location closed down. Managers didn’t care about the growth of employmees. Promises became unfulfilled, customers were always unhappy, managers were not qualified to be there. The pay was unfair based off of favoritism. The reviews of this place can most definitely back me up. I was there from the very beginning, when we first opened our Dallas Client Services Center up. I loved the job but not so much the staff.Customer interactionPoor management and organization skills."

Artisan (Current Employee) says

"Sucks bad supervisor poor pay, they treat you bad, everyone hates working there. All they care about is money money. Poor time off all supervisor are on different pages"

CLIENT ADVISOR (Current Employee) says

"This company doesn't stand behind their brand. No work life balance at all. All they do is fire upper management, and employees, and hire outside and not within. Director doesn't care about his employees here at client services.at the end of the day everyone wonders what their job title is. They don't appreciate their employees at all.NoneEverything"

Client Advisor (Former Employee) says

"You come in, managers suffocate you with all dynamic specific numbers that you did not meet such as cross selling or phone outreaches but never acknowledge what was accomplished. Managers like to drive their employees into the ground to always beat the LY. High turnover rate for a reason."

Shelly says

"The service at LV Galleria Houston is beyond rude. I own five LV products and my friends all have numerous products. I thought part of the cost was friendly service and it really used to be true. Now, they evidently have been trained to treat customers like s**t. I asked if there was something I could put on my purse (I brought the purse in the box, etc.) to remove a water mark and was told \"no\", \"don\'t know what to tell you\", \"have you tried not getting it dirty\"? I then asked about the one I was carrying on my shoulder which had began to peel thus removing the LV in certain areas and the reply was \"what do you expect when a purse gets old\". That bag was 9 months old. Screw them and screw LV. I am now a Fendi girl. That Galleria Houston chick needs a job where she has no contact with humans."

Samantha Smith says

"I purchased a rucksack for my boyfriends 40th but the orange box was damaged during delivery. They refused to replace the box due to low stock. I don’t feel like a valued customer at all and feel they don’t deserve the reputation they have. Would not recommended them to anyone, they should offer to send a box out as soon as stock has been replenished in my opinion."

Mark Conway says

"My order was supposed to be delivered before Christmas but did not arrive until early January with numerous emails/text and WhatsApp messages with hardly any response also chased with phone calls only to be told on the 31st Jan my order was sent back to warehouse with order delivered on status. When I finally receive my order the LV box the handbag was in was very badly damaged and now I am still waiting for the new replacement box to be delivered. Never again will I be ordering from LV awful service from a high end company. Shambles"

Kimberly Marohn says

"I bought a $2600 handbag 2 years ago that is now fraying around the top. I sent them pictures and my receipt. This was in September of 2020. They never replied so I sent the same email again this week. I was told I could send the bag to them, it would take 6-8 weeks and it would cost ME $180 to have it fixed. They don't stand behind their product and the customer service is terrible."

Customer says

"Terrible customer service They have no clue how the one line ordering works No intention to help the customer Waste of time calling them"

Nida Raza says

"Bought a bag and in a week the corner of the logo chipped off - went to store and they told me sorry “user error” we can’t do anything - as a gesture of goodwill they can change the logo but it will take 2 months to get the bag back - seriously after having spent $4000 in the store the previous week. I sent 4 emails and spent 3 calls each about 30 min long with no resolution. Shameful for a global luxury brand."

Antonio says


Anahi Rosario says

"Worst customer service ever. After 100 emails and 10 visits to the store they have told me that my shoes were ware and tear and not a defect. I only had them for 24 hours. No one was responsable for the poor quality. I'm not going to buy any other item from them again."

J Carpenter says

"Too bad cannot leave a negative number. Poor customer service; all they say is “ visit a store”. Either they do not read well or they just do not care. Never ever buy from them again. Shipping and packaging is pitiful. They need a lesson from Gucci... no comparison to Gucci for luxury items. Very sad."

Teddy Velkov says

"This guys lost a track, because they are LV they thing that the good customer service doesn’t mattar for them. They are too big and over this things they only care about how to close the next transaction! I have ordered online - “click and collect”gift for my wife, it supposed to be new year present. When I ordered it says “click collect”on 30/12/20- but No! When I arranged collection for the new year present, surprisingly they send us away saying that the item is’t arrived yet and to check again in the new year!!! Misleading their customers and do not take any responsibility for their mistakes, extremely rude staff and not sufficient system in place!"

Eddy Jabes says

"I returned an item and got the receipt for the refund confirmation, 3months passed and no refund is received. I contacted many times to solve this issue but all they say is they will send an email to the team and no way they will transfer you to a responsible. this will be definitely my last purchase from this brand."

Ana V. says

"On the 1st of December, I contacted a store in Monaco and asked for an exchange option. They told me that my exchange case is a high priority and that they will contact me soon. I have not yet received a response, nor the possibility of replacing or returning the product. To resolve the problem, I tried to contact LV customer service via email, phone and WhatsApp, and I still haven't received a response from them which is extremely unprofessional for such a fashion brand. It seems to me, that I would have solved the problem faster if I bought the bag in Zara."

Frederick says

"Terrible Customer Support process! Not the people but their process if they have any. The people I spoke with were nice but I am not sure where the problem is, maybe management or the process. Ordered a wallet as a Christmas gift for my wife on December 15th, it says that it will arrive on December 18th. Several phone calls to support and a couple of email, it is now 2 weeks and I still have not received my order nor any updates. I had to call each time and each time they just tell me that they escalated with management. For a well-known brand, this is terrible!!! *** UPDATE *** It is now January 4th 2021 still with NO RESOLUTION! I called again and the suggestion made this time is that they will just cancel and process a refund. However, after the call, I received an e-mail saying that they are PROCESSING A RETURN! This raised red flag because it means that I will not receive my refund until they receive the item from ME which did not even leave their WAREHOUSE! I am worried that this will again be stuck in the process."

Vallen says

"Totally dissopointed....received a scarf for Christmas that had a snag in it, the gift card my husband requested with a special message on not carried out, the card was blank. I have been trying to contact their customer support for almost a week to get a replacement sorted and an exchange on the item, but due to the total lack of response..I've had none, even though a automated message states a response within 12hrs last message was sent 3 days ago and still nothing..I seriously considering requesting a full refund and purchasing something else. This was something I had wanted for such a long time and my partner had ordered it as a surprise for Christmas..the whole experience has been ruined. GUTTED...."

Imran says

"Bought a cologne, oud from Sloan street, on 5 dec 2020. Travelled approx over 200miles, was a gift for a friend for his special day. Before I travelled I rang and was advised they have the scent in stock. When I got to the store they didn’t have it. As I wanted it personalized with initials engraved. Was told it shall be sent via their depot as first class delivery. Disappointed as LV could have mentioned this prior and I could have avoided traveling the distance. Received the delivery few days later. When I unpacked the package. The scent had no seal, and bottle was used, it was not a full bottle. I complained to LV, they referred me to the manager at Sloan street, who was rude, unprofessional, abrupt, did not understand the situation as it was Gift, and advised he would need to investigate with his warehouse team in Paris. I had not heard anything for 9 days. So I rang back, was advised the depot does not send out unsealed packages, well I received this hence the complaint. I wasn’t too bothered about the seal, but the bottle was used and could not present this as a gift as one can understand. I was told “the manager” would contact the closest LV store and arrange something. Few days I had to call again to get an update as I hadn’t heard anything. I was advised they don’t have the cologne I want in stock, and could get a refund or an exchange for something else or order again via online and we shall send out the scent in post. Absolutely fuming with the poor service received, taken 16 days to tell me that nothing can be done. The machines that engrave initials are out of use in all branches. For a renowned large branded company. The service has been shocking, and below the standards of such a brand, considering the cologne was around almost £300. I would not shop at LV again and would not recommend to anyone. Avoid!"

Peter Harries says

"The order that I placed was not delivered by the promised date. My queries to Louis Vuitton as to status were not returned. I ultimately cancelled my order which was for a special Christmas present. Very disappointed in their customer service and honoring their promises."

Rodger says


M Wilson says

"Totally understand there is pressure on all customer service departments at this time, however we gone weeks without a response on returns. Never had any issues with their products, but they need the operational customer support to help justify their online proposition. All seems very dated and in need of investment."

princeton says

"I have no issues with Louis Vuitton with the customer service. They treat me great in the Roosevelt field stores (both locations ) . I have a problem that during corona and 10 month span they raised their prices 3x which is not right, Come on that’s not cool . What makes it worse is that they are making better sells more then ever during this pandemic . I could understand if they weren’t selling. Idk if it’s the Virgil deal but it’s annoying ."

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